I've sent millions of messages and not a word from my ISP. An all in one bulk email program. No more hunting mail servers or open relays for me.
Thanks Super Safe Mailer!
John Thomas







System Requirements
Operating System: All versions of Windows
CPU: 1 GHz or higher
RAM: 15 MB (minimum)
Hard Disk: 20 MB of free disk space (minimum)
Internet Connection

If you are experiencing download problems, please let us know. We will send you an evaluation copy directly by email.

faq of bulk email software. Read report of Bulk Email VS traditional marketing ways


Software Name
Download Site
Super Email Sender
(Send bulk email directly, bypass SMTP Server)
1.4 MB
Super Email Spider
(Search email addresses matching your keyword(s) from search engine or websites)
1.73 MB
Super Email Harvester
(Extracting email addresses and sending email)
1.53 MB
Super Email Extractor
(Search email addresses from a given search engine directory)
1.15 MB
Super Email Verifier
(Verify the validity of email addresses in mailing lists)
1.18 MB
Super Fax Search
(Search fax numbers matching your keyword(s) from search engine or websites)
1.15 MB




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